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The Better Half

The Better Half is loosely based on the classic melodrama Gaslight. It delves into the claustrophobia of marriage and the maddening privacy of domestic space. The performers tack between unfolding plots – one within Gaslight, another lodged in a contemporary marriage, and eventually a number of others drawn from the Bourne Identity, Scenes from a Marriage and other film classics. 

Lucky Plush Productions

Julia Rhoads & Leslie Buxbaum Danzig

co-creators and co-directors

2010-2014, 2018

Steppenwolf 1700, Chicago

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Spoleto Festival USA, SC

CRASHArts at the Institute of Cotemporary Art Boston

National Performance Network, Philadelphia

Dance Cleveland, OH

College of St. Benedict’s/St. John’s University, MN

Links Hall, Chicago

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, MD

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