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Rink Life

In Rink Life, Lucky Plush brings its highly integrated approach to dance-theater into a communal space that nods to the visual aesthetics and social dynamics of 1970’s roller rink culture, where relationships and storylines are as transient as the world that contains them. Rink Life’s staging and choreography are built from the rink’s spatial rules and social codes, and its script-turned-libretto—created from passing conversations, distant whispers, pop-song earworms, and found scripts—is entirely spoken and sung live. As the ensemble sings full-throatedly to score their experiences, they demonstrate through effort, risk, beauty, and failure that they—and we—are utterly dependent on one another.

Lucky Plush Productions

Created & Directed by Julia Rhoads

Collaborating Director Leslie Buxbaum Danzig


Steppenwolf 1700 Theater (Nov 7 – 16, 2019)

Kahilu Theatre-Kamuela, HI (postponed due to covid)

Maui Arts & Cultural Center-Maui, HI (postponed due to covid)

Door Kinetic Arts Festival, Wisconsin

Elevate Chicago Dance

Harris Theater for Music & Dance, Chicago

Recipient of a 2018 New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Theater Project Production and Touring Award,

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